"Le Terrain des Peintres"





The site "Terrain des Peintres" is located on the heights of Aix en Provence, a few hundred meters from the Atelier Cezanne on the avenue which also bears the name of the famous painter. The "Terrain des Peintres" is at the heart of the housing development "Domaine de la Marguerite" and it is at the time of its construction that the Aix Municipality decided to preserve this site "Terrain des Peintres" as a public space for its amazing views of the Montagne Sainte Victoire. Cézanne often painted in this environment in the latter part of his life. The "Terrain des Peintres" was then converted in the form of a terraced garden in the early 2000 as part of the celebration of Cézanne centenary. A path winds up the "Terrain des Peintres" rising up to an elevation of about a hundred feet to finish on a panoramic viewpoint. The place is also a tribute to Cézanne and many reproductions of these paintings, representing Sainte Victoire are located on this esplanade. This open-air museum is a natural living complement to the Atelier Cézanne which harbors no painting by the famous painter.

Thus in addition to the many local walkers, the place is visited every year by thousands of tourists. In this preserved context painters can come here seeking inspiration and it is not uncommon to encounter them working on these grounds. Neighboring houses retain traditional character and discreet. At the foot of the path walk, the garden of a nursing home also contributes to the harmonious atmosphere of peace and reflection. At each turn of the path walk the view is unobstructed on the Sainte Victoire and the eye can span on this space which has remained miraculously preserved by the urbanization. One can feel the sensation, or perhaps the illusion, a place where time seems to have stopped since Cézanne and walking on his footsteps and, like him, install his easel, in this beautiful landscape.

For those who want to extend the walk, it is possible to reach the Oppidum d'Entremont, located about 1 km, through the path walk "Chemin de la Marguerite" which is a pedestrian path set up in the last ten years.

The Oppidum d'Entremont is one of the most beautiful pre-Roman settlement in Provence, which sheltered a Salyens community, Celto-Ligurians who had settled here before the Romans arrived.